If you want an island hopping and a Day island tour all in the same day, Guimaras is the best destination for you. Guimaras Island is just a 15 minute boat ride south of Iloilo City. Just make sure you are on the right port. Believe me,! I learned it the hard way!


My girlfriends and I visited Iloilo and Guimaras last February and the trip was awesome! I didnt expect that such trip would turn out just perfect when barely half of the planned itinerary was achieved. I had just the best group and I loved to be with them.


After church hopping and food tasting in Iloilo, you might want to experience island hopping and see cool rock formation in Guimaras. ***Don’t forget to taste their delicious mango  as they hold the sweetest variety of Mango in the Country. Bringing mango into the island is prohibited as the government want to secure that no other variety will be mixed by their tasty famous mangoes.


the group

Island Hopping

Amazing Rock Formation
Rock Formation



Rock Formation


Rock Formation
Sea Turtle at the Sanctuary

When visiting around Guimaras, you can contact Kuya Gerry or Kuya Alexis at as they provide the list of destination around the Island. They also have their own itinerary if you dont have one.


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