Nasa Gensan na Sana Naging Boracay Pa!

My 5-months vagabonding in Luzon – from the mountains of Benguet to the luscious greeny Bicol to road tripping around northern Luzon and getting stuck in the Islands of Northern Palawan, makes me realize how I missed home so much. Impulsiveness struck me, so I bought my ticket right away!

Taking the longer route

Getting home soon? Nah! The thought of going home is the same as ending my travel so soon. So I ended up taking the longest way home: Manila – Clark – Davao – Gen San – CDO – Iligan City. Whew! Why? Aside from the cheap fare of Clark-Davao thru Airasia for 271 Pesos, I can stopped for a week long stay in General Santos City before going home to Iligan City and meet my travel buddy for an awesome week long trip together.

On the day of departure

Flight was canceled.

Reason: The Bird got caught in one of the propellers of the plane.

Lame! The airline advised us to book the next flight. There’s no way I would stay for the night andneither will I go back to Manila since the airline only got 1 flight per day to Davao. So my thinking was to reroute my ticket to Kalibo. The supervisor was kind enough to agree and there I went to visit Panay Island.

Bad side: I won’t be able to visit my friend in Gen San and I have to travel unprepared. No accommodation, no route, no itinerary, no activities.

In my longest 30-minute decision making, I finally came up with an alternate route going home and that is going to Panay Island instead. Lesson Learned: Always come up with Plan A and Plan B otherwise, be prepared of the unpreparedness. So the new route was: Clark – Kalibo – Caticlan – Boracay – Caticlan – Kalibo – Iloilo – Cagayan de Oro – Iligan

The new plan made me more excited and nervous. No Plans. First Solo Travel. I then realized that going to Boracay unplanned isn’t bad at all. Just go where the others go and the rest will follow. Talk and ask people. There’s no harm in asking the locals. As quoted by Mona: Panay people are very kind and there’s no harm in asking questions. Yes, I  learned it the hard way. Start a conversation even in the plane. The woman seated beside me help me booked a room in the same place they were staying. Even to people in airport where I met two Chinese girls and joined them in the island hopping tour. Even to the locals who happen to be the tour guide as speaks the same vernacular language as me.

*Big thanks to kuya… He gave me a free island hopping tour 🙂 For your island hopping tour, I recommend Kuya Lanito (09292054738)

Going to Boracay is every Filipino’s dream at least for me. Its popularity is enormous just as the its local community. It is not only frequented by tourists around the globe but it attracts locals, businessmen and tour guides as well. Most of the tour guides came from the nearby Islands such as Negros, Cebu, Bohol and even as far as Cagayan de Oro City.




The Boracay

The island of Boracay is one of the leading tourist spots of the country which attracts foreign and local tourists and is said to have been consistently increasing for the last 10 years since 2001. Though the streets of Boracay are getting crowded, the very fine white sand and clear blue water never fails to attract visitors. Because of this, I wasn’t able to enjoy much of the water activities as I was busy beach bumming while drinking my 30-Peso Rumcoke and taking pictures of the people around. What caught me most was the Kite surfing – where one can surf by maneuvering the Kite into the waves. Its ridiculously exhilarating.




This Boracay trip was indeed a fun and memorable experience. It was not just my first solo travel but was my first unplanned trip too. I would recommend you getting lost in such a nice place. So, how was your first solo travel experience?


The guesthouse:I stayed at Orchids Resort Boracay. They gave a necklace made of sea shells to all their guests. So cute.

The tour guide: Lanito Ibarra – Contact number: 09292054738



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