Lessons I Wish I knew Before I Started Travelling

credit: wmanalu80


Have you ever felt wishing you knew things before you hit the road? But then realized that the trip wouldnt be that amazing if you knew these things beforehand.

I got my fair share with my carelessness, spontaneity, and excitement when im on the trip without thinking and researching first the place you were planning to visit. Much more if you are on the route catching a bus late at night. So here’s my tips for you to bring before hitting the road.



5 Tips & Reminders Before Going For a Trip

  1. Research the place to visit or as much as possible, make an itinerary. A very special friend had just visited Myanmar. I know he got his Lonely Planet’s Southeast Asia on a Shoestring. But heck! He was literally broke and hungry when he found out that there is no ATM machine in the entire Myanmar and on some fancy hotels accepts credit card.
  2. Bring first Aid Kit. As a sickling, I always have few medicine on my backpack to avoid difficulties. Who knows? You might be invited climbing in a rainforest and catch a hypothermia along the way. It is better be ready than sorry.
  3. Bring Trail Food. I don’t usually eat when Im on the road specially for long bus rides as I have motion sickness. But I always keep some food trail with me. When me and my friends do trekking, we usually bring protein rich food like peanuts, raisins and chocolates. Very handy and will make you full after chewing some pieces.
  4. When commuting, make sure to be on your next destination before sunset. Believe me, I experience it the hard way when I leave Caticlan past 7 PM and found out that the bus for Iloilo is only until 5 PM. Good thing, the driver and an officer from the airport accompany me to the terminal and ask for the last trip going to Iloilo and squeeze me in even only half of my butt is sitting for like 3 long hours. ERRRR
  5. Emergency accessories. I always make sure I bring headlamp with me – my own version of flashlight. I find it so helpful when the entire Manila had a blackout and our apartment was like a cave. I became a cavewoman in an instant. 😉




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