Iligan’s Diyandi Festival Month Long Celebration

The City Fiesta is coming up!

In celebration of our City Fiesta, I dedicate the whole Month of September to promote and cover city’s beauty, attractions and of course, the month long activities for the upcoming Festival. So, no solo travel or long trips for now, Its time to let my hometown show its glory in my humble home.

It has not been long since Sendong affected and destroyed majority of the people and infrastractures here in Iligan City. That was the worst time I’ve seen the city in chaos, at its dirtiest, and its helplessness. At the same time, that was also the most memorable kind, loving, caring, sharing, kapatiran and bayanihan gestures (or whatever!) I’ve witnessed in my own eyes. Even with the tedious and hectic schedule of relocation of the casualties, I can see a rigid preparation of the City’s upcoming fiesta and never did I imagine that the preparation was so overwhelming.

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The City Festival

Iligan City fiesta also known as the “Diyandi Festival” is celebrated annually in honor of the Patron Saint Sr. San Miguel every 29th of September.  This year, the city of Iligan had a long list of activities From Day 1 to 30.

See the complete list of Activities here and up to date feeds here.

Much to my surprise, a group of bloggers has been working hand in hand with the City Government to promote the city’s tourism industry. They too have created some activities for the fellow bloggers in celebration of the city Fiesta. I believe they deserve to be acknowledged as their advocacy of promoting Iligan has passed beyond their goals. They are one of the many organization who contributed a lot and in their own way, have created initiatives to extend help to the typhoon victims and at the same time, making theirselves a gateway for others to help out. As the social media and marketing promotion of the City shows steady growth, Iligan City’s youth is now becoming active and creates positive responses. To Iligan Bloggers Society (IBS), Mabuhay!

Because I failed to cover the City Festival’s Opening, I hereby announce Iligan City’s Diyandi Festival officially open!  Happy Fiesta Iligan!



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