A Guide to Quick Day Tour in Iligan City

Have you ever wanted to visit Iligan in a quick day trip? So, this guide is for you. But first you must at least be in the city early morning to savor the moment.

As Iligan named as The City of Majestic Waterfalls, people and travellers flock in the city for their beauty. The top three destination of most tourists are Ma. Cristina, Mimabalot and Tinago Falls. These 3 are the most accessible among the 23 waterfalls around the city.

Iligan is just a small city – the road shows it all. All other establishments are just walking distance and the main city can be toured in one whole day even just by foot. In my opinion, I guess the city is built for small people.

To begin with, here’s the map of Iligan City.


The 3 waterfalls mention are all found in the southern part of Iligan City – Buruun. When you’re in the City area, just ask where jeepney for Buruun pass. Then, tell the driver to drop you off to the jump off area.

As you can see, all 3 waterfalls are almost located in the same area. You may want to opt to go first at Maria Cristina Falls, then Mimbalot falls then lastly to Tinago Falls. Aside from these 3 waterfalls, various recreational and adventure park are located in between. While in Maria Cristina, you can enjoy other thrilling activities at GPC Adventure Park such as zipline and wall climbing. Mini zoo is available for kids. Be sure to be vigilant though as the whole area of Maria Cristina and the rest of the Agus is protected. I’ve seen cute wild monkeys playing around while strolling in the road. Some where on the road, others were hanging on the trees and some are watching at me. Scary little cute thing. I remembered my Mama telling us that there were monkeys playing every morning on her way to school. They used to study in the upper area of Maria Cristina.

If Maria Cristina has a GPC Adventure Park, Mimbalot Falls got Iligan Paradise Resort. Both offers almost the same activities overlooking the wonderful beauty. Though, you need to pay for the entrance fee when entering Ma. Cristina, Mimbalot falls is not. Just make sure to take the other path heading to the cute waterfall directly.

Unlike the first two waterfalls, Tinago falls does not have any adventure park. It requires you extra workout going up and down into the landing area. Im pretty sure you wont mind it at all as each step you’re taking, excitement and thrill will help you make it there faster. And as you go nearer, the beauty of the hidden waterfall will become clearer. Take a dip into the deep blue basin of waterfall or jump in one of the cliffs. And at the end of the day, you’ll decide that a day in Iligan is too short for you.


6 thoughts on “A Guide to Quick Day Tour in Iligan City

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Iligan because of Maria Cristina Falls. I’ve been fascinated with it eversince I’ve read it from a textbook back in my grade school days 🙂 Perhaps, someday soon 😉

  2. Hi Ma’am Kathleen! Thanks for Itinerary. Iligan city is a promising place and must visit place.
    On Oct. 13-14 or 15 nasa Iligan City kami, Side trip after climbing D2K…
    How can i contact you?

    1. unfortunately I am all tied up during weekdays.. i will try to join you guys during at 13. by any chance, are you friends with shugah? i heard she was invited to do the D2K. message me anytime thru facebook 😉

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