Family Pictures Overload

For the past few days I have experienced picture taking overload – foods, landscapes, sunsets, waterfalls, portraits, but my most favorite part is the family picture. No, I’m not talking about my immediate family but the cooler, lazier, funnier, adventurous, more bold and always on-the-go family of my latest travel buddies – Waterfalling and IBS family. Did you notice how family portraits are taken? See for yourself!


Aside from my most favorite family picture – me familia and F8, good companies from every adventures and travels are the best. It is because, I dont usually travel in group and taking family picture is the rarest so I could say, this is one of the most memorable experience for me. I am usually not the silent type when I travel – not talking in a couple of hours makes me go crazy, but joining this crowd made me mute for several hours. Just purely laughing and giggling all day long. They are a bunch of funny people that never ran out of stories from chikka minute to photography 101. Can you imagine the giggle emoticon of skype? I think thats my symbol. Lol! Up to this date, they still are – taking waterfalling adventure tour to FB threads. Its like, DiMakaMoveonPilipinas lang???

I would like to say thank you and I’m grateful to be part of Waterfalling Adventure Tour most especially to the IBS family. To super trio – ate Jam, ate Lai, and Madam X… To Alex, Petri, Richard, Francis, Gab and ate Arlene.. To the big guys Mommy and Daddy Noels, and Sir Michael and to the rest of IBS family. To  kiddos – Shugahbabes, ate Mitch, Kuya Christian, Ding, Nanardz, Dok Remo, and Sandre. (gihangak ko… breathe…) It was indeed a wonderful experience!

Now, Im hoping to be a part of another crowd like this. Of couse! Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 family will always be incomparable. 😉

How about you? How much do you love family pictures?



P.S. For the master of family pic photography, lend me your pictures please. I promise to cc and give credits to your artwork. ; ) kawawa nman ang wala sa picture. : D


Photo Credits: Diyandi Festival, Iligan Bloggers Society, Simply Francis


This post is part of the Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 series.

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Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 will not be possible without the support from the event sponsors: Tita FanniesRed Planet / Calda PizzaEl Canto / Macki’s, Iligan City GovernmentUNILABNPC Natures ParkThird Team MediaTravelJamsPurpleSlipperz, and Pinay Travelista.

9 thoughts on “Family Pictures Overload

  1. ahhh! Seriously! this is the only group I went with na super comfortable ako.. jive na jive lahat ng kagagohan 😀 I know, im super daldal.. but whatever haha! This wont be the last. promise! ❤ magkikita pa tayo. tag me along lng sa future travels lol –, I love our family photos tlga. I cant wait na makita ung iba.

  2. So love it! More family pictures in the future then? Hope we could meet again soon! I wonder when will our roads cross again? 🙂 Meeting you guys inspired me a lot! 🙂 I really want to travel now!

  3. Like oh my gosh! Welcome to the warm hospitality and the crazies of Iligan Bloggers! ahahahaha! We should’ve been very, very, very, very clear on the email invite that we are bunch of blabbers, who chatter like so unending lang talaga.. It’s like you can not make habol if you are not quick thinking kinda person! Good thing ang galing ng participants that they are so witty as well that there’s not a boring session at all! ahahaha.. spoken in the madeetuh tone, and sooo conyo lang naman.. ahahahaha.. Toinks!

    Happy Diyandi, and thanks for discovering, and experiencing Iligan City with us!

  4. I wonder when will be the next time that our roads will cross again? My WAT experience fueled my desire to travel – Explore. Expose. Experience! Bwahaha! Anyway! Everyone in the group is very passionate on what they are doing.. And it’s very contagious! Thanks for the Inspiration! 🙂

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