Pagkanaug ni Sr. San Miguel

Iligan City Fiesta won’t be complete without “Pagkanaug ni Sr. San Miguel”. Pagkanaug ni Sr. San Miguel is my sign of the major celebrations for Diyandi. It happens every start of the Novena – 9-day holy mass for the fiesta.

When I was younger, I remembered my folks attending “Pagkanaug ni Sr. San Miguel” – to witness, touch, kiss or even just by looking from a far of the city’s Patron Saint – Sr. San Miguel Archangel. They even carried me up and passed through the crowd all the way to the statue. I used to wonder how these people dared to push and pass me away from my parents. At a young age, I viewed the whole scene as a routine of all Iliganon for the past years. But never did I knew the reason behind Pagkanaug ni Sr. San Miguel and Diyandi Festival until…



People from nearby towns and cities often come here for the fiesta and Street Dancing but most people come here to see the Hero – Sr. San Miguel. As my father said, my Aunt and Uncle used to dance around the saint. By doing this every year, it have been a hope for them to be totally healed from their sickness. They also visit Cebu for the Sinulog Festival for the same reason. They call it “Panata”. Amazing right? Personally, I dont know if miracles do happen. As a girl born in the 21st century, believing in this kind of stories is nearly impossible, but not believing that such thing happens is petty. I may not be able to express how possible it is, but believing it would actually happen is like a little lamp guiding you in a small dark alley.


Photo Credit: Diyandi Festival


As a Catholic country, every cities has its own festivities in honor of their Patron Saint. Though, fiestas differ on how they are being celebrated but each do share the same essence of the celebration. Hopefully, this Panata will be passed through the next generations and they too can see how beautiful it is to be awed by the reason behind Pagkanaug ni Sr. San Miguel. Pit Senyor!


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4 thoughts on “Pagkanaug ni Sr. San Miguel

    1. yep! pagkanaug happens every 9days before the actual city fiesta. so mga Sept 20-ish xa and you guys arrived at around 25th of Sept… sorry shugahbabes! naa raba unta letchon ani. hehe letchon fest as they call it.

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