Waterfalling Adventure A.K.A. Food Trippin’

Did you know that one of the best part of every trip is the food? Aside from the landscapes and scenery, each place has its unique and flavorful foods to offer. And Little did I know that Waterfalling adventure turns out to be a full packed! Full packed with water, waterfalls and foods! I did prepared for some little stretching for the trekking, swimming, and hiking but oh! I wasn’t prepared for stomach stretching? I’m not even sure if there is such a thing. Prior to the event, I made myself ready to be bombarded with water, rivers, pools, waterfalls and even more ready to get wet and wild. But getting an overload of food from breakfast to lunch to dinner is another thing. I could almost tell, Iligan – The City of Majestic Foods. I know its creepy but, hey, I wouldn’t have known it til I joined the waterfalling adventure for the Diyandi Festival 2012.

Jacko’s Kan-anan

Address: Tibanga, Iligan City

Enjoy the cozy ambiance of this native type restaurant and learn how the restaurant has gone through a vicious calamity and how they survived! They serve local foods and serves seafood as well. We are so lucky to have tasted few of their specialties.

Tita Fannies

Address: Echiverri St., Iligan City

With a couple more branches in the city and now open for franchising, Tita Fannies is sure to have the secret recipe making Iliganon crave for more.

Calda Pizza and Red Planet

Address: The Strip, Palao, Iligan City

Found at the new booming center of Iligan City for bars and cafe (The Strip), Red Planet and Calda Pizza is becoming a great talk for most Iliganon. Calda Pizza has been one of the favorite hangout of barkada, family and friends outings and they serve the largest pizza in town. They are now serving good food and delicious meals for you and your family through their restaurant – Red Planet.

Macki’s and El Canto

Address: Echiverri St., Iligan City

One of the most loved fried chicken by students and workers, Macki’s got a unique mix and recipe for their friend chicken, thus, you have to line up when ordering in all their branches. Their sister company, El Canto, also, provides affordable yet delicious foods for everyone.   So, if you’re into food tripping, come visit in Iligan’s Top Restaurants now!


This post is part of the Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 series.

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___________________________________________________________________________________________ Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 will not be possible without the support from the event sponsors: Tita FanniesRed Planet / Calda PizzaEl Canto / Macki’s, Iligan City GovernmentUNILABNPC Natures ParkThird Team MediaTravelJamsPurpleSlipperz, and Pinay Travelista.


5 thoughts on “Waterfalling Adventure A.K.A. Food Trippin’

  1. I can relate well to this post. I’ve based entire trips around food and I’ve gone out of my way to revisit a destination because it has a certain something I find irresistible to my taste buds.

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