Iligan City Waterfalls | Dalipuga Falls

Dalipuga waterfalls is one of the most accessible waterfalls here in Iligan City – just about 13 km away from city proper and about few minutes hike up to the water source.

If I were to compare, Dalipuga falls is like a children’s playground. It is not too big, just enough for a at most 5 people to move around – that is if you are petite. Despite of its small size, visitors can still jump from the rock but one should still be cautious enough.

Dalipuga Falls is one of the 7 waterfalls we had visited in Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 hosted by Iligan Bloggers Society last September, 2012.  Though this waterfall isn’t as impressive, as big and as huge as Ma Cristina, Tinago and Dodiongan Falls, I believe, Dalipuga Falls has its own unique character that made it a good playground for the kids.

How to get to Dalipuga Falls

The falls is just a few hundreds of meters from the community near Brgy. Hall of Dalipuga. Just ask around or ask a kid to guide you to the waterfalls. For normal days, the area is frequented by kids and other locals. Don’t worry they are harmless. At least when you are not capable of swimming in the running water, they will assist you or just have fun jumping from the rocks like they did.
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  1. From Iligan City proper, ride a jeepney bound to Dalipuga. Tell the driver to drop you off at the new Brgy. Hall of Dalipuga.
  2. At the crossing, you may want to ride a sikad/padyak to the jump off point. From there, you will pass the Brgy Hall of Dalipuga and stop at the bridge.
  3. At the jump off point, you may want to ask some kids to guide you to the waterfall or if you prefer you can do it own your own. There’s a path from the main road to the waterfall. Total walking time from jump off area is 20-35 minutes.


***Dalipuga Falls is one but the last waterfalls sharing the same water source  – that explains its small size. If you want to trace it upstream, it will lead to another bigger waterfalls namely: Kalubihon and Pampam Falls.

You may want to visit other waterfalls in Iligan City: Tinago Falls |   Ma. Cristina Falls Mimbalot FallsDalipuga FallsDodiongan Falls | Kalubihon Falls | Pam Pam Falls



3 thoughts on “Iligan City Waterfalls | Dalipuga Falls

  1. Hi, good day! I’m Ryan, I am a traveler and a blogger. May I ask you if my itinerary for is okay? I am planning to go to Dodiongan Falls the going to Dalipuga/Pampam/Kalubihon then to Ma.Cristina/Tinago/Mimbalot. Do you think I could possibly go to these places in one full day? My entry point is in CDO. Im planning to jumpoff by 3am going to iligan. Ano kaya ang last trip na byahe going back to cdo? thanks po!

    1. Hi, that is too much for 1 full day. Bear in mind that Ma. Cristina is closed after office hours and Tinago Falls is difficult to go by 4pm. Meanwhile, I suggest to go to dodiongan in the morning since you have to cross the river and the current tends to go stronger in the afternoon. I suggest to stay 1 more day. If not, you can try and do it altogether in 1 day. Best of luck!

    2. here’s a tip. from city proper to ma. cristina takes 45 min – 1 hr. around 20 minutes from ma. cristina to mimbalot. and probably 30-35 min to tinago falls.. if you have extra money to spend, hire a motorcycle from ma. cristina falls or in mimbalot falls or whichever you can find one.

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