Thailande 1.1 Worries of the First Out of the Country Trip by a Filipina

Note: This is a helpful post for freelancers who wanted to travel outside PH for the first time.

Are you worried about going out of the country for the first time? Worried about being held up at the immigration? I have read a lot of stories saying the same thing and worried for a lot of reasons. Well, this is my own version of going out of the country for the first time…

After packing up for 12 days trip and booking a round trip ticket 5 days before, I never did realized I had actually flown to Thailand for an amazing road trip searching for beaches and temples for the last few days. It was not just an ordinary out of the country trip but it was also my first long biking experience, of which I got my first passport stamp, first connecting flights, and first flying abroad flying and alone.

As a first timer, I got my fair share of worries in the planning process. What if my exit stamp will be denied? What if there are people out there wanted me to be a drug mule? What if the plane wonโ€™t make it? What if my cash is not enough? Lol… yes yes, I do get worried most of the time. Upon lining up at the immigration, the girl behind the glass barrier look like a poker faced to me. Even the guy that she brought to the lounge for further question was petrified.

At the airport immigration

Business or pleasure? Are you travelling alone? Do you have companion? Are you currently working in a company? Do you have a credit card? The voice of the immigration officer is still running in my head up to these days and these set of questions will probably still be playing in my system for the next few months. But getting through that scenario was a lifetime experience for me even though for others that was an insignificant 20-minute stay in the airport. For me, it was like a passing through an interrogation after being held for hours in a Police station for Jay Walking in my hometown or having to pass through an isolated alley that is full of thugs and rugby boys. Lol. In the end, the officer smiled and put an exit stamp on my passport after asking me where I got my college degree. So this lady knows MSU-IIT after all… got me reminiscing about those people in my previous travels who didnโ€™t even know where Iligan City is.

A friend said, the best time to fly is at night for you to see the beauty of the city and its lights. So, I got my flight where I can see the city up above. I was in awe when I saw the lights in Metro Manila but even WOWed when I saw Bangkok’s. And so I told myself… this is going to be a whole lot of adventure…

I maybe anxious the whole trip but I definitely made the most out of it.


Manila at night Photo Credit: Janine


***For first time solo travellers going for out of the country trip:

Bring documents which prove that you can sustain funds for your leisure, name and address of the hotel, and necessary IDโ€™s especially Company ID, for me Alumni ID, credit card, and more cards, ballpen and a big smile.


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17 thoughts on “Thailande 1.1 Worries of the First Out of the Country Trip by a Filipina

  1. Hi. I’ll be flying to Thailand by January next year for a few days to just unwind… I’m scared about the whole immigration process everyone goes through. Upon reading your experience, they give you your exit stamp because you’ve finished college and I didn’t. I don’t work in a company either… I’m an online freelancer. Do you think I’ll have a problem? Will be looking forward to your response.

    1. Hi Marie, I always thought immigration is always a pain in the ar***. But i do believe that when travels are genuine and you provide all requirements needed at the immigration, they will give you the pass in no time. Mine was just a sort of (almost) mishap because it was my first out of the country trip and I was traveling solo (Hint: signs of a TNT). However, as a freelance, we have to provide supporting documents aside from the documents needed at the airport: proof of income (to prove that we can pay for our own expenses while traveling) or payslip or statement of bank account, contract (if there’s any), credit card, etc. Hope that helps ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for dropping by.

      1. I see… thank you so much for the reply Kathleen. I appreciate it so much!

        Ting katulog na oi! hehehehe.

      2. Hi Kath!

        Btw, I hope you can do a post of what have happened when you landed in Thailand. I’m still scared. lol.

        Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. Hi Kath,

        I just stumbled in your page in hopes of learning about first time travelling as a freelance. I was wondering about the required documents or let’s say the documents that we have to prepare aside from the airport documents… btw, how long have you been freelancing prior to your first trip? Did you pay your own taxes OR do you brought an ITR? If you were a freelance in oDesk, is the certificate of earnings enough? Did you asked your client for a supporting document?

        Sorry for the lot of questions but I’m just really getting anxious since my first trip in HK this Sept. is almost here. Your tips would be helpful especially the part where you get to face the immigration at the airport.

        Hoping for your reply. Thanks!

      4. Hello Jan! I think the IO these days honors freelancers. Just be confident and provide the necessary info/docs like return ticket, accommodation. I didnt bring any other documents na.. but some people brought ITR and bank statement but i think its not necessary. A friend of mine working as a freelancer via odesk was asked to provide supporting documents about his online works so he logs his odesk account and show them his works and earnings. ๐Ÿ™‚ This reply is a bit late na.. When is your trip pala? share some tips din ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hello i like your pose,, i am actually going to thailand this May, its my first time to fly international and alone like you. i got so worried with the whole immigration upon reading your experience now i am more courage to be more confident flying alone.

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