Hotel Review | Happy Mind Resort

Located at Sam Roi Yot, Thailand, Happy Mind Resort is owned by a very warm and kind Thai and French couple. Though this resort is not a beach front resort, it is a cool place to stay when visiting Sam Roi Yot. Happy Mind resort has 4 bungalows, with very spacious rooms, TV, Hot and cold shower, and of course fast WIFI. They have restaurant that serves Thai cuisine which is very tasty and provides unlimited coffee, tea and water. The resort has huge swimming pool for all ages.

Photo Credit: Happy Mind Resort


My best part in staying Happy Mind Resort was having a great time chitchatting with the owners. I love how they took care of their guest and they have actually treated us like a family. I became the ambassador of the Philippines the way I share how Filipinos were similar with Thai in some aspects and how the two cultures uniquely differ from one another and I get to experience Thai culture VIP style.
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The resort is best for group and family outings – very quiet, homey, and cosy ambience. So far, Happy Mind Resort was the best place I have stayed in the entire Thailand trip. In fact we came back and stay for another night on our way back to Bangkok to catch a flight. I recommend staying in Happy Mind Resort when visiting Sam Roi Yot. And who doesn’t love Melo, the resident guard and a very lovely and cute dog 😉


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