Iligan City Waterfalls | Pampam Falls

Approximately 13 km from the city proper, Pampam falls is one of the accessible in 23 waterfalls of Iligan City. Located at Brgy. Dalipuga, Pampam falls sits in the middle of the streamline between Dalipuga and Kalubihon Falls. You can actually visit both Pampam and Kalubihon in one shot.

At times, Pampam falls is frequented by the locals and has been their favorite picnic ground when one wants to cool down and enjoy the cold water. The last time we visited, a group of kids are playing in the water, climbing the rock and jumping in.

With water running down in the two mushroom-like rocks directly down to the basin, Pampam falls creates an image of an umbrella under a canopy during rainy days. With a basin having only 5-6 ft depth enough for some dives or cliff/rock jumping, visitors can still enjoy the freshness of the waterfall. Be careful, the water might get too shallow at some days especially during summer.




How to get to Pampam Falls


  1. From city Proper, hail on the jeepney bound to Kalubihon. Note: There are few Kalubihon jeepneys so some people opt for the second option which is (b) Take a Dalipuga bound jeepney and stop at  Kalubihon intersection. Travel time: 20-30 minutes
  2. At the kalubihon crossing, hire a habal habal going to Kalubihon proper and stop at Kalubihon Elementary School. Travel time: 20 minutes
  3. From there ask some locals to guide you through the waterfalls. Most of the kids know the way. Dont forget to give a tip. travel time: 15-20 minutes

Tips: Be sure to be on your proper trekking attire! Your Havaianas won’t work! And bring some trail foods and water. The trail may be difficult for some but it is quite next to easy for me and to you too. Be ready for some easy-intermediate trek.

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