Iligan City Waterfalls | Kalubihon Falls

Kalubihon Falls is among the series of waterfalls who shares the same streamline with Pampam and Dalipuga Falls. A few hundred meters from Pampam falls, directly above the stream line, Kalubihon Falls is sitting inside a cave. Yes you got it! You have to enter a small cave, swim into the water, climb up directly to the opposite opening of the cave, you will find this waterfall.

I named it as a waterfall inside a cathedral because of its setting. One needs to swim down and follow the light which leads to the opening of the other end. I have just followed the wall of the cave leading to the mouth of the cave. When I reached the opposite side of this hallow, right passed a small swimming pool-ish basin, passed the flowing water from the waterfalls right at the mouth of the opening, I can almost tell I have heard the choir singing upon seeing this falling water with the sun rays directly to my eyes. Power power eh?

Imagine the cave with a small opening in its ceiling, in which some of the vines are secretly climbing inside the cave creating wild vines that Tarzan had used as a main transportation.


  1. From city Proper, hail on the jeepney bound to Brgy. Kalubihon. Note: Kalubihon jeepneys are small in number so some people opt for the second option which is (b) Take a Dalipuga bound jeepney and stop at  Kalubihon intersection. Travel time: 20-30 minutes
  2. At the kalubihon crossing, hire a habal habal going to Brgy. Kalubihon proper and stop at Kalubihon Elementary School. Travel time: 20 minutes
  3. From there ask some locals to guide you through the waterfalls. Most of the kids know the way. Dont forget to give a tip. travel time: 15-20 minutes


Tips:  Be sure to bring trekking sandals or shoes when you do this. Be sure to wrap all your things into a sealed plastic or a dry bag especially for your cameras.

*Photos are from PinayTravelista and Nanards of I love South Cotabato. Thanks Te Lain and Nanards

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