The Mountain is Calling My Name

I am getting excited that for next few days I will be climbing again. No, it’s not Mt. Apo nor Mt. Pulag, it is just the humble Mt. Agad-agad, the highest peak in Iligan City. It isn’t as mighty as the highest peak in the country nor as beautiful as the third highest. It isn’t as cold as Mt. Lumot nor has a beautiful peak as Mt. Kalatungan or beautiful scenery as those in Benguet. But the 2-hr trek to the peak can make anyone crazy.

I had my first climb, my birthday celebration and have witnessed camaraderie which makes this the mightiest for me. She became my witness while I’m sewing my dreams that lazily unfold as I started realizing them one after the other. But never had she failed me in giving pleasant memories during my visits yet each of them is better than the previous one.


Mt. Agad agad
Mt. Agad agad Photo Grabbed from Sir Manny's

Ten, fifteen, years before, she was bald. Like those having Alopecia. Dry, bald, and hot. Then some guys noticed her. They didn’t judge. In fact they care. Gave her another chance to grow and be noticed. They have groomed her with different kinds of trees that people love. Visited her like a “Dalagang Pilipina”. Fast forward. Ten to fifteen years later, she had regained her power. The Power that she didn’t even knew. My own version of Annapurna

“Annapurna, to which we had gone emptyhanded, was a treasure on which we should live the rest of our days. With this realization we turn the page: a new life begins.”

In the next few days, I will be honoured to see her again. I will give her the only thing I can humbly share. Now, it is my turn to give the grooming she deserved. The nurture she had been looking for and the care she had ever wanted. At the same time, I will be looking after the gestures I have placed in her areas. In this little way, I can at least give her the things that most people have overlooked. No, the PEOPLE have EXPLOITED. I may not replace the 50-ish old Narra-ish tree I have seen being cut before my eyes but I can at least give her a hope. If I can give 10 trees and BIG HUG for Mt. Agad-agad and my other 50 friends (or more) can give the same amount, then maybe 500 is a big love we can all share for the next 10 or 20 years. Mt. Agad-agad can then save our ass in the next Sendong. And by that time, She, The Mt. Agad-agad will regain herself and protect us from these calamities. A little Help in exchange of a big LOVE. Ironic, isn’t it?

I may not have a voice (coz I am not a singer) but doing little things like these will bring in huge happiness. Let us give our share in every little way we can. This is just a little example of the suffering mountains in the country and prolly in the whole world. Let’s take our part. Shall we?


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