First President’s Meeting of Mindanao Mountaineering Federation (MMF)

Last weekend, August 9-11, while some people spend their long weekend in a beach or in some holiday destination, a group of around 60 Mountaineers vouched to give feeding, used clothes and tree planting in parallel of the First gathering of Mountaineers in Region 10 and nearby provinces. Lead by an Alumni of MSU-IIT, an active member of IIT Mountaineering group, and the representative of Region 10 in Mountaineering, Ms. Memie Bade pushed a successful event towards recognizing the Mindanao Mountaineering Federation particularly in Region 10 as an organized group, and at the same time, helping Mountaineering Clubs and its members in recognizing, determining and solving issues of the current conditions of the Mountains and environment in the area.

“Those who travel to mountain-tops are half in love with themselves, and half in love with oblivion.” ? Robert Macfarlane

Together with the Presidents of various Mountaineering Clubs and its representatives, they have shared various stories, insights, advices, and necessary information all in this simple gathering, which, one of the outcome is to conduct a free Basic Mountaineering Course  for its members and to those who wanted to be a BMC trainers themselves. At the end of the first night, everyone is excited for upcoming BMC hosted by IITM here in Iligan.

First President Meeting

The feeding and giving of used clothing was held at Langilanon, Brgy. Pugaan, Iligan City – the jump of area towards Mt. Agad-agad (the highest peak in the City). MT. Agad-agad has been once a deforested mountain but with the help of local Mountaineering group, a decade ago, they started planting trees in hoping that someday, the dry mountain will turn into a rainforest or at least a healthy forest. Now, we are proud that this mountain is starting to get cold and get foggy at times, which wasn’t its best characteristic remembering its previous state.

First President Meeting

A week before the event, I have invited a good friend from Germany who is into outdoor activities. Never did she imagine it would turn out to be a fun and memorable moment. Thanks to funny and never ending laughs and stories by some crazy colleagues, which at times, even I don’t understand a word, no one can help but laugh and giggle. Happiness is definitely contagious and up to this day, few have moved it to Facebook. They couldn’t get enough of the fun times we have all shared.

I was actually excited for the river trek but sad to say, I hadn’t push through because we opted for a detour slash sidetrip slash food trip slash free style-ing lesson. ROLF. But, anyhow, the socials, the booze, the place and the people all came up to make the event a BLAST! Now, we are looking forward for more activities like this with almost free registration and unlimited karaoke.

First President Meeting

In behalf IIT Mountaineers, we would like to give thanks to the group, the working committee, the President & officers, the MSU – IIT, members, most especially to the sponsors and to the rest of the participants. MAG-INGAAAAY!


The event wouldn’t be successful without you.

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16 thoughts on “First President’s Meeting of Mindanao Mountaineering Federation (MMF)

    1. haha I was lurking around 😉 probably because i don’t usually post a photo with me on it. who’s group are you with? sayang! I could say hi unta. 🙂

      1. Haha yeah ka familiar nako. silingan tag tent? lol the freelancer guys!!! 🙂 next time panguhit pud pra murag close 😉 see you around probably?

  1. hey guys, im reeve, new in iligan city. im planning a solo hike (since i dont have anyone who has thesame trip… yet) to mt agad agad this coming weekend. Is it safe these days? how about if I go for an overnight stay on the peek, is it still ok? please advice. if anyone wants to come with me, it would be nice.thank you.

    1. Hi reeve! thanks for stopping by.. 🙂 We are always camping overnight at Mt. Agad agad whenever we go hiking up in the peak. A little information: On the first camp, there is a little kubo with a little entrance fee. there is a viewing deck overlooking the city of Iligan. Visitors used to camp there 😉 and in the 2nd camp, there is a small store who sell a jug of water and coke and canned goods. Ate Nita is the owner if im not mistaken. So you dont have to worry security wise. 😉
      Do you know how to get there?

      1. I’ll find my way. Part of my adventure i guess. thanks for the info. really appreciate it.

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