Waterfalls | Following the Trail to Kaangrian Falls

While exploring the town of Burgos, Ilocos Norte, right after visiting Kapurpurawan rock formation for sunrise shoot, we stumbled on the sign: “This way to Kaangrian Falls”. Because of the hot and humid weather,  we decided to follow the trail going to Kaangrian Falls to take a quick dip.

After 30 minutes of driving, turning to the snake-ish non concrete non limestone road, we arrived at the jump of area of the waterfalls (or at least we thought). I remember, we took several circles around one hill after passing the rice paddies which seemed like a manicured garden to me then finally lead to this rocky road. Poor car! Take note: Don’t use a regular car when going to Kaangrian Falls or if you’re planning to hire one. Some parts of the road are steep and got some lose soil (not gravel) so it is a difficult road for trucks let alone for cars. You might consider leaving it on the road and pick it up when going back. But you will be facing terrible circumstances when commuters and locals on queue. Yeah! What’s worst is, the road is only good for one way!

Anyhow, with only flip flops on, we jump off and started to follow the small footpath which we assume is the way to the waterfall. No sign. No people around. No gate or whatsoever. No paved stairway like in Tinago Falls. And there is no sign of any waterfall existed in this part of the mountain. But it has a big parking space which is pretty obvious for a visiting spot. Unlike the mountains in Mindanao, Ilocos got this red rocky mountain that one can hardly tell if there is any sign of waterfalls or river existing in those slopes. Maybe I am just exaggerating but the place is terribly HOT! much hotter than I am. Lol That is maybe why they have sand dunes.

Pass the roots, dead leaves, bushes and trees, the waterfall is magically sleeping in the middle of nowhere. I almost forgot that I have a red flag that day and I want to jump in. But no, I didn’t made to that point. How sad! But seeing the beauty of the falls alone is enough for me to sit still while listening to the birds. Yes! We molested the falls all for ourselves. If only I could capture the beauty in my photos, but really, the waterfall is way more mesmerizing than this photo. Mind you, we visited Kaangrian Falls last May 2012 and summer yet it gives this beautiful scenery. I looked it up in the internet and found out, that this waterfall is way more beautiful when full blast during rainy season. If I get to visit this place again, I will definitely stay for more hours, and swam across every corners even if I have my red, blue and black flood. ROLF!

During our whole stay, the place was so quiet. Im guessing this area is less visited by tourists compared to the other areas in Ilocos which I definitely love! So guys! Don’t come here! 😉 Walking back through the woods, I found several plastics and I can’t help but to pick it up. For years of climbing, I am accustomed in picking our trash back home or if we see any, we have to bring it with us.

Living the life of: “LEAVE nothing but footprints. Take NOTHING but pictures. BRING nothing but memories”. So, if you my friend, don’t practice THIS mantra, you are not worthy to see beautiful places on earth.

On our way back to our cottage, we, again, saw another sign: “This way to ____ Falls”. We say nah! I think I could not appreciate any waterfalls like ever before.

Directions: If you want to visit Kaangrian Falls, Visit the Municipal Hall of Burgos, Ilocos Norte. You have to sign up in the visitors list and they will give you a guide if you don’t have one. I am not sure if they can recommend a motorcycle for hire or if they have motorbike for rent. We went there with a private vehicle but I ‘m pretty sure Ilocos region handle its tourism industry well.

How about you? Have you visited Kaangrian Falls in Ilocos? Let me know your thoughts.


12 thoughts on “Waterfalls | Following the Trail to Kaangrian Falls

    1. Hello Kirito, we had passed by the sign when we were on our road trip into the coast of ilocos and we saw the sign from the main highway and thought of checking it out. But, I was told that the Burgos city or municipal hall will need to have everyone signed and logged into their visitors book. They will also provide guide to take you there. Best to visit the municipal hall first. Best of luck!

  1. Hi! How long is the trek to the falls? I will be going with my parents and I want to make sure that it is an easy trek? Thanks!

  2. Hi! How long is the trek? Is it an easy trek? I will be going to Ilocos with my family and I want to make sure if my parents can do it. Thanks!

    1. Hello Karen, you just need a private car to access it. When you arrive in the landing area -ish, you just need to go down to the falls on a dirt path. nothing technical. Enjoy Kaangrian 🙂

      1. Hi Kath! 🙂

        Can you still remember how long is the trek from the landing area to the falls? Is it slippery? I will be going with my parents and I want to be sure kasi if they can handle it, like if its an easy trek? 🙂

        Thanks so much!

      2. We went there around March so its not slippery AT ALL. So I think, it all depends on the season, the same reason, there is not enough water in the falls. During rainy season, the waterfall is in full but it may be slippery in the dirt trail. Just consider the time of the year when visiting the falls. For trekking time: might be 15 – 20 minutes average. It was back in 2012 so I have no idea if they put concrete foot steps so might as well go to the municipal office and sign in their logbook. They might provide you a guide if you ask one. Cheers!

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