Walking Through the Paved Streets of Vigan

Ilocos as one of the region in the Philippines where Spanish had its first settlement, there you can see every proof in every area you visit – Century Old Churches, Spanish Style houses, buildings and structures. Vigan City is not an exception to this. Actually is looks like a city in Europe at some angle. It is declared as a World Heritage Site, one of the Hispanic Towns left in the Philippines and one of the few cities that has Kalesa – a horse drawn carriage as mode of transportation.

Right at the heart of the city, you will see old buildings turned hotels, cafes, art gallery and were made into the heart of business district. While we we’re scouting for a room to stay for the night, I looked into this fancy hotel (but has the same age as my great Lola) and checked the rooms where one of the help or attendant or bell boy or whatever had this eyebrows, poking, telling directly to my face, Girl, you can’t afford to stay here, even for a night. “Hello! We drive all the way from La Union so we are dead tired!” While checking my outfit, flip flops, tank top and tattered denim shorts with no makeup and hair undone. Yes I don’t comb my hair when it’s long, cause you know, I got hair fall. Pfft! No I only wished I said it to his face. But yes, the place is nicely waxed, clean and well maintained. It has antique cabinets, beds, upholstery, chairs, tables, spiral staircase and antique chandelier with big French window and grand door. It looks like my great grandparents house back when I was young minus the luxury but this one was pretty clean. So shiny to the point of slippery, I can even see my pores when I looked down. Moving on, I decided to choose the guesthouse outside the city, few minutes away from the city proper but much cheaper and have friendly eyebrows.

I told myself, if I couldn’t visit Europe at least I have visited Vigan City. Seems like Europe to me.

Following are some snapshots in the paved streets of Vigan.



This is a part of my 15 days Road tripping around Northern Luzon series.

How about you? How was your visit in Vigan? Let me know your thoughts.


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