Shooting Kapurpurawan Rocks at Sunrise

During my 15 days road tripping around Northern Luzon, Visiting Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Burgos, Ilocos Norte was one of the highlights. The scenery along the coast from the view at the lighthouse looks like the cliff in Ireland where the movie “Leap Year” was shot. I am not really fascinated by rock formation and was interested more with the sea view but then, my travel buddy wants to take photo ops of the rock formation at sunrise or sunset. So we choose the first option.

The following day, we left the guest house at 5 AM to visit the area. So we have expected to see no visitors and wanted to ditch the ticketing guys if there was any, since, a lot of environmental fees has been mandated in the Philippines. Errrr! After 20-30 minute drive, we arrived at the coast. So much to my surprise, The view is breath taking.


That part of the coast facing South China Sea was fantastic. We were thankful to have a good view and good weather. Directly opposite of the Bay, the tall Bangui Windmills looks like a post card with sea of mountains at the backdrop and sparkly seabed at the opposite along with the dramatic effect of sun peeking through the clouds as the clock started to hit the 6 AM mood. With the strong waves hammering the reefs, I found seaweeds, crabs, fishes and shells.


Hey there fella! Along the cliffs, there were people hunting for fish and shells. The scenery is parallel to the saying: Early bird catches the Worm. Seeing the beauty of the place at its best early morning, the same goes when catching the best view of the mountain at sunrise.



This post is part my of my Road Trip Guide in Northern Luzon for 15 Days


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