Waterfalling Adventure Tour 2.0: Can’t Get Enough of Waterfalls

Last year, I was one of the lucky participants who joined IBS’ Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0, who visited 7 waterfalls around Iligan City and this year, I am joining again the round two of the said event not as a participant but as one of them bloggers cum hosts – the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. Finally I get to join the IBS Team this year after a long fight with myself in joining or not.

The excitement and fondness of me joining last year’s WAT was because I get to visit waterfalls in one event and I got to visit them for the first time. Now, I get to visit them again the second time around plus I am excited to meet the WAT 2.0 participants. I can’t wait to share photo moments with them.



Last year’s WAT has received a lot of positive feedback from the blogosphere and tourism. It has gained popularity for Iligan Bloggers Society and Iligan in total. So now, we are bringing back the Waterfalling Adventure Tour 2.0 for bloggers and digital media influencers. Much to bringing this event to be successful despite of the threats and negativity, Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. members especially the working committee are doing our best to come up with great ideas for this event to happen.


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