Finally in One With IIT Mountaineers

IIT Mountaineers is finally SEC Registered. Mindanao State University Iligan Institute of Technology Mountaineering group is finally an official group with the carrier flag IITM – Children of Mother Earth (IITM-COME) based in MSU-IIT Campus. The fundamental aim of IITM-COME is to establish a pool of faculty, alumni and staff employees within the MSU-IIT campus regardless of age, gender and religious affinity, physically and psychologically capable of doing environmental tasks and cause, mountaineering activities and services, and work with the in-campus and off-campus agencies for the conservation of the country’s natural environment.

The IITM-COME has elected its officers officially upon registering in SEC and filled the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, and External/Internal Relations Officer. One of its aims is to conduct a “Kawang gawa” in every climbing trip such giving used clothing, feeding and tree planting. IITM-COME shall accept new members after successfully filling the necessary requirements needed in the membership criteria.

IITM-COME hosted the event of First Presidential Meeting of Region X at Mt. Agad Agad aiming to gather all Presidents of mountaineering club in Region 10 to help promote the welfare of Region 10 Mountaineering.


IITM logo


This is probably one of the coolest activities I involved myself in and I am happy to join IIT Mountaineers headed by Prof. Manuel Cabido, one of the most respected Professors I had during College years.

For more than a month after the registration, IITM will finally set its first major climb and its induction of officers at the same time at Mt. Lumot traverse Mt. Sumagaya of Gingoog City and Claveria respectively. Mt. Lumot is known of its cold foggy rainforest and the crash site of Cebu Pacific’s flight 387 making it one of the visited mountains of Mindanao. Lumot which stands as Moss in local dialect, this mountain live up to its name. Mt. Sumagaya on the other hand, holds a very nice view at the summit overlooking the ranges of Mt. Balatucan and nearby mountains. This and for the next months, IITM will surely have an exciting mountain climbing adventure that everyone is excited about.


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