Yearly Awaited Mountaineering Events in Mindanao

Aside from Traveling, getting into Mountaineering fever is probably one of the most effective way to socialize and meet like-minded individual especially in Mindanao. It isn’t a surprise to meet and exchange hellos to fellow mountaineers even if they came from the opposite side of Mindanao. Before you know it, you are making friends in Facebook and planning the next climb with them. And what makes is good is by the next event you’ll probably knew more than half of the crowd if not all.

For travelers, the world is the playground, for Mountaineers is to the mountains. Mountaineers may even wander the same place travelers visited but it is seldom these travelers can visit what Mountaineers had seen. Pictures may capture half of what the naked eyes can see but the feeling of reaching to the top will double or triple how others can only express the appreciation through seen photographs. This is some of the many reasons why Mountaineers keep coming back to the mountains and this is why others keep on asking why Mountaineers keep on doing what they are doing. In the end, words aren’t enough to put into valid reasons just to justify what people do what they love. Right?

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”

I may haven’t yet reach the very core of Mountaineering nor haven’t summited half of what others have gotten so far but the understanding and values of being one with the nature would probably make me a Mountaineer in my own ways.


As much as how beautiful the mountains had to offer, it also requires the same amount of effort needed for this beauty to be seen. But anyhow, getting to one’s journey is what makes it memorable. So here’s Mindanaoan’s most awaited Mountaineering events every year:


All Women’s Climb (AWC) – Mindanao : Hosted by strong willed women in Mindanao Mountaineering joined by Women for women with the aim Kababaihan Mahal Si Inang Kalikasan. This year, AWC hosted its 4th Mindanao All Women’s Climb at Mt. Malindang last summer and is planning to take its 5th AWC – Mindanao to Mt. Sumagaya around Summer 2014. Kudos girls!


Malindang Ascent – Yearly climb at Mt. Malindang Range, the 29th ASEAN Heritage Park hosted by Malindang Trekkers . This year, Malindang Trekkers will host its 18th Malindang Ascent to Bagabag Peak and Guiban Falls on October 18-20, 2013. For more info visit the event’s page:


Mindanao Forum – Hosted by different organizations in Mindanao through bidding. This year’s Mindanao Forum will take place at Mt. Malindang Range Natural Park/ASEAN Heritage Park on December 5-7, 2013 with theme: 1 Base Camp. 3 Routes. 1 Mountain. 1 Pure Fun. For more info visit the event’s page:


Mindanao Midyear Forum and Climb – Hosted by different organizations in Mindanao through bidding. This year’s 4th Mindanao Midyear Forum and Climb was hosted by BUMOC last June 28-30 at Cinchona Forest Reserve in Bukidnon, the adventure destination at the heart of Mindanao. Watch out for next year’s event.


Kamras – Kamras is a yearly invitational event hosted by Tinago Mountaineers of Iligan City during Christmas break and summer. They just recently hosted its event at Mt. Dulang-dulang travers Mt. Maagnaw last summer 2013. Now, they are on preparation for Kamras 8. For more info send PM at


PASALAMAT Climb – Pasalamat climb is a yearly event hosted by Pagadian City’s PAPA Mountaineering club in celebration of its city’s fiesta every January.


Jojo during Kamras 6 at Mt. Kalatungan - Mt. Wiji
Jojo during Kamras 6 at Mt. Kalatungan – Mt. Wiji

If there are more events haven’t posted on the list or if I have missed some important details feel free to comment below or email me at so I can add it up. Thank you. Feel free to share!


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