Mt. Kiamu: The Mountain-Full Pitcher Plant

One of the most exotic and rare plants that can be seen in the mountains would be Pitcher Plant and probably the most number of pitcher plants I’ve seen in one place would be at Mt. Kiamu of Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

Pitcher plants are carnivorous plants that have prey-trapping features known as pitfall trap filled with liquid that is used to trap insects for food. Among unique plants found in the mountains, Rafflesia and pitcher plants are my favourite.


pp buddies2

pp solo

pp buddies

From my Mindanao trip last year, backpacking trip from Iligan to Surigao to Bislig to Lanuza to Bukidnon to General Santos and back to Iligan for 2 months, I had inserted a day trek to Mt. Kiamu courtesy of my climbing friend Jojo together with my friends from Cebu. It was a short trek that started around 9 -10 AM and back around 5 PM. This is another interesting day hike next to Mt. Agad agad.

Mt. Kiamu is located at Malaybalay, Bukidnon – the adventure city of Mindanao. From the city Market, we have rent a habal habal for more or less an hour drive to jump off area. We stopped at the Barangay to look for a guide. Mt. Kiamu as dubbed my friend looks like the small version of Mt. Pulag minus the sea of clouds because of the view that looks like the manicured grassland. More than that, Mt. Kiamu is filled with different variety of pitcher plants that I happily took pictures of them. If only I am allowed to pick one, I would. But seeing them full and healthy in that mountain made me satisfied to just feast my eyes on them. Another reason for me to come back again and again.

If you happen to visit Malaybalay, try this Pitcher plant full mountain for a day hike.










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