Kamras 6: Mt. Kalatungan Traverse Mt. Maka Upao (Wiji)

Christmas  is around the corner and most people are already looking forward for Noche Buena, 9 mornings, Christmas party, Christmas vacation and the likes. But me and my friends are looking forward for Christmas Climb and the event we call Kamras every Christmas break.

 Kamras is a hosted climb held biannually by Tinago Mountaineers of Iligan City during summer and Christmas break. Tinago Mountaineers started climbing together in 1990’s. Today, because of the members’ nature of work they still want to come up with yearly events to take pride and savour their legacy and love for mountain climbing.Did I mention some freebies too?

Freebies: Climb ID
Climb Certificate
Tinago Mountaineers Sticker
Souvenir Tshirt
Social Night Dinner

Since the first time I have joined them last Kamras 4, Christmas break never been the same again.




Mt. Kalatungan is a volcanic mountain located in Bukidnon Province and is the 5th highest mountain in the country with an elevation of an elevation of 2,880 meter above sea level (by Pinoy Mountaineer). Mt. Kalatungan is dubbed as the most difficult climb in the country. Kalatungan is more like a moss filled trail often compared to be similar with Mt. Dulang Dulang (the 2nd Highest Mountain in the Country which belongs to Kitanglad Mountain Range).

Mt. Kalatungan is an extreme mountain with both extreme hot and cold temperature. It is rare to experience both hot and cold in one mountain. Needless to say, Mt. Kalatungan met the requirements. On top of this, the extreme view is very appealing too.




The trail:

–          Trekkers will pass through “Buko buko sa Anay” because of the literal Pig like structure before entering the forest line. On a hot day, the trail can be so deadly make sure to bring enough water. On a rainy day, the rain makes the Cogon grass extra sharp so make sure to bring your warmer.

–          A water source is available at the camp site but until then, prepare to bring as much water especially during hot season.

–          No river along the trail.

–          A combination of rocky dry soil heading to the first camp

–          And mossy when approaching the forest

–          When approaching Mt. Wiji Peak, “The Dead Nails Trail” is waiting for you. It isn’t called as such for nothing.

–          Prepare for photo ops in the camp and at the peak


Here are some random shots taken by Jusal










Kamras 6 Mt. Kalatungan Mt. Wiji
Kamras 6 Mt. Kalatungan Mt. Wiji








KAMRAS-6 Itinerary
Mt. Kalatungan Traverse Mt. Maka-upao (Wiji)
Pangantucan, Bukidnon
December 27-30, 2012
Tinago Mountaineers
Day 01 (Dec. 27, 2012) Arrival and Registration
0800 ETA Malaybalay City @ Kaamulan Grounds (Tulugan area)
0900 Marketing concerns @ Malaybalay City Market/Gaisano Grocers
1000 ETD Malaybalay to Pangantucan via hired jeep/elf
1230 Lunch Break @ Pangantucan tourism Office
1300 Briefing with tourism Officer, guide concerns, rituals
1400 Start Trek
1600 ETA (buko buko sa anay trail)
1700 ETA Forest line (camp 1)
1800 Dinner, socialization
2000 Lights off

Day 02 (Dec.28, 2012) Mt. Kalatungan
0500 Wake-up call, prepare breakfast and packed lunch
0600 Breakfast
0700 Start trek
1200 lunch on trail
1300 ETA Mt. Kalatungan Peak, picture taking
1700 ETA Bamboo (camp 2)
1800 Dinner
2000 Lights off

Day 03 (Dec 29, 2012) Mt. Maka-upao (Wiji)
0600 Wake-up call, prepare breakfast and packed lunch
0700 Breakfast
0800 Start trek
1100 ETA Mt. Maka-upao (Wiji) Peak
1200 Luch @ the peak
1300 Resume trek
1600 ETA Mendis
1930 ETA DRV Resort, Valencia
2000 Free Dinner, Social Nyt (Freebies: souvenir t-shirts, climb certificate, etc.);


This year’s Kamras 7 will take place in Mt. Apo, the highest peak in the Philippines via Sta. Cruz trail so its boulders time! Visit the event’s page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/674824029217357/


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