Malindang Ascent in Piduan Falls in Photos and Guide

This year’s Malindang Ascent, one of the yearly Mountaineering Events in Mindanao, features a curtain like waterfall called Piduan Falls located in Doc Victoriano Chongbian, Misamis Occidental. Each year, Malindang Trekkers, a local mountaineering group features a particular peak, mountain, or waterfalls as a tribute for their passion and to showcase Malindang Range and its beauty to fellow mountaineers.

Piduan Falls a.k.a The Curtain Falls is one of the few accessible falls found in Malidang Mountain Range.

Piduan Falls from the latest trek! Lovely!

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This yr's Malindang Ascent have shown me a little of Subanen (Subanon) Tribe. A tribe indigenous to Zamboanga Peninsula area particularly in the mountainous areas of Zamboanga Del Sur and Misamis Occidental. We've come across some locals carrying basket turned bag on their back full of freshly picked products such as banana and tobacco. We've also encountered local hunters on their way home. Deep in the center of the valley right between the three slopes as shown in the photo is a small village after Piduan Falls, which is one of the remotely inhabited areas in Malindang Range. Mountaineering has let me see the simplicity of people in the remote areas doing simple things living their simple lives. As most people asked why we do what we are doing... only few understand. But being one allows me to appreaciate the hardship, resourcefulness, simplicity, camaraderie, and living in the present. Trusting your body, enjoying the tastiest food, feasting your eyes with the beauty, and being one with nature is truly a gift. And im honored i get to experience every inch of it. *drama mode

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The trek to Piduan Falls takes more or less 2 hrs from the jump off point. We encountered several locals bringing baskets on their back with loads of crops. From the first few minutes of trek, we had passed by farm lands. Farming is their major source of income.

While Malindang Ascent features the curtain falls, this journey had shown me a little of Subanen Tribe. Subanon people is indigenous to the Zamboanga Peninsula particularly living in the mountainous areas of Zamboanga del Sur and Misamis Occidental. The name means “river people”, which derived from the word “suba” or river, and the suffix “-nun” which indicates a locality or place of origin.

Piduan Falls and Trek Photos

Start of the Trek
On the bridge
Almost there. Hello Piduan Valley!
Piduan Trek river
First river to cross
piduan route
gaaah… in the middle of the wilderness
Piduan Trek2
Hapit na jud

Piduan trek river 2.2


Piduan trek river 2.1


Piduan falls


piduan 2


How to get there:

The municipality of Don Victoriano Chongbian (Dov Vic) can be easily accessible thru the Municipality of Molave. Here’s a guide when you’re coming from Iligan.

From Iligan
Bus Iligan to Mukas 1 hr Php 95 (aircon, non-aircon)
Barge Mukas to Ozamis 25 + 3
Bus Ozamis to Molave Php 65
Van Molave to Josefina Php 30
Habal habal or Van for Php 80 Josefina to Don Victoriano

Php 25 Tourism fee Piduan Falls visit
Guide fee per day 200

Please make sure to contact the tourism office prior to your schedule.

Tourism Office: Dennis delos  Santos
Contact No. 09068252338 / 09079785125

Additional Info:

*Don Vic is situated in a high elevation so make sure you bring clothes to keep you warm.

*When planning to stay for a night. The municipality of Molave has various inns and hostel or you can opt to stay in their bus terminal when planning to catch the first trip bus. They have 24 hr security. For a small fee, it includes free use of CR and bathroom. And they’re clean!


Special Thanks to Sir Benjamin Rico Respicio and to the participants of Malindang Ascent for the amazing Photos!


6 thoughts on “Malindang Ascent in Piduan Falls in Photos and Guide

  1. The Salkantay Mountain was considered one of the most powerful Apus, or Mountain Gods of the Incas in the Cusco area. The beautiful and powerful views of the snowcapped mountain definitely give you a feeling that there is more than meets the eye! The Salkantay trek which brings you up close to this great mountain and wonderful views is one of the most popular alternative treks to the Inca Trail which also brings you to Machu Picchu as the final destination. Unlike the Inca Trail, there aren’t limited spaces, but there are regular departures so it’s fairly easy to join an international group on a trekking adventure in Peru or you can choose to do a private trek for further personalization.

  2. Thanks for the info. I visited Mindanao this summer to be introduced to my fiance’s family near Malaybalay. We were going to spend almost a week and a half traveling out to Dipolog and back, staying in various towns, including Iligan. I had spotted a picture of this water fall on Google Earth, did a search for it and found your site. The contact info was very helpful. We were passing through Molave anyway, so stayed 2 nights so we could hike this. It was one of the highlights of my trip! I plan on visiting in a few years hopefully with my boys, and do this hike again.

    1. Wow!!! Congratulations on your future wedding… if you are heading in this area, this is very remote — you will meet tribes and the surroundings is very natural. Oh! I miss hiking! Enjoy your trip!

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