Healthy and Strong is the New Sexy

One of the best gift the world has given to us is a healthy body. Unfortunately, I was not lucky to have one so I worked hard for it. Traveling has made me health conscious to both body and mind. Without one, traveling or even living is always a big battle.

I grew up with a weak lungs and low immune system. I cannot join outdoor games with my neighbors when I was a kid. I couldn’t play with them even for a short while because, If I did, I would suffer for an asthma the following night and it would be very difficult for me to sleep. I would only play indoors with my set of tupperwares (im not a stuffed toy and barbie fan because they look like Chukie to me) alone in my room locked out from my cousins when we used to live in a common ancestral house of my great grandfather. I would be jealous with my cousins playing hide and seek, patintero, tumbang preso, and langit lupa. I haven’t even experience joining other kids in the neighborhood for caroling because I got no friends. Do I feel sad about it? No. Back then, it seems pretty normal to me.

Growing up in my elementary days was difficult too. There were no school year that I cannot gain the most number of days of absences. I remember it well when I was in Grade 4, I didn’t go to school for almost a month straight if not more because I almost got a Tobercolusis and my medicine was given through injections. Because of this, it was hard for me to catch up and my grades went down. I was later moved to section 2 in Grade 5. When I was in Grade 6, I can remember I had a medication, my parents call it “one dose pack”, 3 green tablets, 1 white tablet and 1 capsule — all consumable in one day. It was never a battle of being always on the top list of students. It was always being better — to prove that even though I skipped classes and missed alot of lessons, I can always cope up. I moved back to section 1 in Grade 6 and was able to stay in Science Curriculum class all throughout high school.

When I was in high school, there was this school boy who called me Papa’s girl… Why? because everytime I go to school after long days of absences, I would shy away when classmates ask me why I didnt go to classes. My father would escort me to my room and my mother who always acts like Amazona would stand against my teacher everytime they would pick on me. I also have this friend, who remembered me among the kids who’s been on the list in feeding program because my weight is below normal. I had a serious problem with self esteem.

Mt. Apo


Now, I always want to be involved in outdoor activities that I didn’t get to enjoy when I was young. I love mountaineering, surfing, yoga, trekking… even though I got sick after almost every climb, I would not stop myself of joining climbing events. Not even my polyp can stop me from traveling. I was diagnosed with endometrial polyp last 2012 and was advised to undergo curettage with hysteroscopy. It scared the hell out of me the first time I went to an OB Gyne alone in Medical City, Taguig. Having a polyp has totally changed the way I live. My menstrual cycle is doomed. I wouldn’t know if its my period or an internal bleeding. I then realized, its really hard to be a woman. During heavy periods, I would take at an average of 4 days bed rest while taking 2-3 capsules of iron supplements a day to cope up and normalize the iron in my system.

Last year, I was seriously educating myself about alternative medicine and healthy eating habits. You see, polyps are caused by hormonal imbalance. Even if I subject myself to an operation, it will still appear somewhere somehow and there is no point of having the operation as it will just popped out again and again. I also want to get rid of my pills after I’ve gained 7 kilograms in such as short time. It’s not healthy. Our body would react according to what we eat, think, and feel. Every reaction is a manifestation of how we treat our body and mind. It is a simple as: vegetarians tend to be small or slender compared to meat eaters, and the smell of your sweat tomorrow is different from yesterday if  you drink alcohol today, or the aura of a person who sleeps 8 hours per day compared to those sleeping less.



Health is a serious matter when it comes to traveling. I’ve talked this subject with my parents prior to my long term backpacking in South East Asia. They were worried, yes. My mom would say, “Kung mag daot ka kinsay mag alaga nimo?! Asa man ka magkuha ug kalabo?!” I have been so dependent with my family and believe it or not I don’t even do the dishes and always get the favored treatment because Ate needs it more. But seriously, I answered my mom back “Eh di imo ko padal-an!” They know I always opted to natural way of healing like herbs and treat my myself before it gets worse.

Today, 3 years after, no hysteroscopy happened. I didn’t let any random doctors to open my inside and cut whatever is needed to cutout. No operation but instead I do yoga, meditation, and healthy living with of course a regular check on my health. I cant tell that I feel different but I can tell that Im now feeling alive and healthy. I learned how to listen to my body and feed myself according to what is needed. I learned to give what is being asked and to slow down when rest is required.


I learned to stay active and do outdoor activities to a level where my body can accept. I’ve gained weight, muscles, and baby fats in the right places of my body. In my younger years, I didnt had the chance to join dance workshops, had to quit being an aspirant for CAT in 3rd yr High School and cheer dancing in my college years, but now, I can get involved in every activities I want.

Eating, thinking, and doing healthy for our mind and body are very essential. By taking the right food, having the right thoughts, and doing fun activities for our body are the keys to staying healthy and active. I’m a weakling no more.


2 thoughts on “Healthy and Strong is the New Sexy

    1. Im slowly getting rid of the red meat te arlene pra hopefully i wont eat pork and beef na.. one step at a time pero sometimes when youre traveling lisod kau mag picky especially if limited lang ang options. But im trying to be well and active here hehe thanks te arlene Kisses 🙂

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