8 Months of Southeast Asia Backpacking in Photos

Sitting in my bed in our apartment in Male, I always reminisce those days when I was backpacking. It was a big accomplishment and a big leap towards achieving what I want. It’s a step, in my own personal journey I’ve set for myself. On the first couple of months was a real struggle both financially and emotionally. People may see my traveling lifestyle as a leisure and an expensive hobby, but for those who knew me, it was a journey of self reflection of my life goals and plans. I have grown so much for the past months, literally and figuratively. And, the best part is that I made big things I could be proud of.

Long Term Backpacking Solo outside the country

Day 1 in Southeast Asia Backpacking @dasocialclimber
Ho Chi Minh City Day 1 in Southeast Asia Backpacking @dasocialclimber

I may have traveled around the Philippines, but, traveling in a foreign country is a whole new experience — new language, culture, and unfamiliar people. Nevertheless, it teaches me how to be independent, calm, alert, and to always present as I am on my own in a foreign land and that no one will look after me. Luckily I met amazing people and amazing adventures on the road.

I had visited ancient cities and UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Sukhothai Historical Park, Thailand @dasocialclimber
Sukhothai Historical Park, Thailand @dasocialclimber

And the Huge Angkor Wat Complex

Angkor Wat Cambodia
Angkor Wat Cambodia

I learn to ride a Bicycle!

Biking in Vang Vieng Laos
Biking in Vang Vieng Laos @dasocialclimber

For the first time I managed to drive a bicycle. Some people wouldn’t believe but it is in fact a big milestone. Although, biking in this scenic route makes the biking 101 a fun activity. Despite the fact that 50% is more on a walk with the bike thing. Thanks to Svet from Russia who gave me a lot of advice from Life Lessons to yoga, meditation and of course, biking tips. Whom, coincidentally had just left the monastery where…

I did my first Meditation Retreat

Meditation Retreat in the Monastery in Chiang Mai, Thailand @dasocialclimber
Meditation Retreat in the Monastery in Chiang Mai, Thailand @dasocialclimber

Not only I have learned the Basics of meditation but I have learned a lot about Buddhism and how their principles relate to our day to day lives. And so, I have declared and promised to continue my meditation journey in any way I can. When I left the monastery, I get to see the world in a different perspective. Maybe its just me, or its because of the power of the meditation, the monastery, teachings, and how my body and mind willing to cooperate in order to achieve my life goals. I do believe that, when you want something so deeply, the universe will conspire in achieving your goals.

After my soulful trip and journey, I became a new being ready to meet the world. I became more open to every possibility. Just when my attitude to life became more positive, I have started to go broke and open up myself to different opportunities a.k.a. “mga raket”.

I  volunteered as a receptionist in the resorts and hostels.

Chill Out Bar and Resort @dasocialclimber
Chill Out Bar and Resort @dasocialclimber

In one of my hosts is just 3 minutes away from this beach

Tonsai Beach, Thailand @dasocialclimber

I spent a lovely 2 weeks here with the other co-volunteers. Literally chilling out with this view everyday where guests can either trek and climb to the highest point, doing rock climbing, kayaking or even just chilling in the beach.

Rock Climbing Tonsai Thailand @dasocialcimber
Rock Climbing Tonsai Thailand @dasocialcimber

Just when I thought solo traveling will be a quiet me time, it was definitely the opposite. From where I volunteered in the other side of the coast, every night is a party night. Soaking up in the sun by day. Then party by night.

It is amazing but I made a handful of friends than I had in the past couple of years and I even joined the biggest party with them

Full Moon Party Thailand @dasocialclimber
Full Moon Party Thailand @dasocialclimber

As I have grown so much socially, I also have grown even more personally and spiritually.

I became comfortable in my own skin

Tonsai, Thailand

And I now look at things in different perspective

vang vieng view point
Wrapping up my 8 months was incredibly amazing but was sad. Sad to finally end my perfect adventure but was happy and excited for the coming trips ahead. I was extremely happy that those months of sabbatical has made me good. And now, I think all stars finally aligned in my favor as I am here in another country blessed with an opportunity I am grateful of. Maybe its just plain luck or the universe did conspire every elements around to help mein this journey.


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