New Project: Solo Travel Together in Maldives

Greetings from Male’, Maldives!!!

Exactly 1 year ago today, I fly from my hometown to Manila and catch my flight to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. After 8 months of traveling in the nearby countries in Southeast Asia, I got an IT job in the capital city of Maldives. From a free spirited backpacker last yr, I move to Male’, Maldives last  to finally work in a corporate world. Fast forward, 4 months later, I finally start my another adventure slash small project with my friends in this island nation.

Project: SOLO TRAVEL TOGETHER in Maldives

What’s more interesting to start the year than making a small project packed with sea, sun and beaches. We will try to visit as many islands both inhabited and island resort  while giving tips and on how to visit and travel around the country. Maldives is known as a luxury travel destination in the world. But, it can also be a budget travel destination if you know where to go. Being a country with over 1000 islands belong to several atolls in the middle of Indian ocean, Maldives boasts of turquoise waters.

Solo Travel Together is a small project showcasing friendship and life exploration bonded by traveling.

the solo travel together
The IT, The Sales and The Marketing

How Solo Travel Together Started?

Hi I’m Kat and these are my friends, Sophie and Jazz. We met in Male’, Maldives as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker). Amid the pressure and individual issues we instantly got connected. While mending broken hearts and mourning of the sudden death of a family member, we jumped into a split minute decision of going to the resort. It is one of the most luxurious resort but we just hanged out with the staff and other Filipino community working in the island. As most parts of the island are only restricted with the VIP guests, we managed to cool down and found our own spaces with staff and workers. We figured, the trip wouldn’t be as much exciting if we were in the villas but were spent most memorable when we hang out with workers and staffs from all over the world.

The ladies behind the project

Kat is the IT troubled with many ideas, the head of #solotraveltogether, and a certified travel-holic. She has traveled to most countries in Southeast Asia and is hoping to travel to Persian countries and South America and to trek in the Himalayas region.

Jazz is FilAm — Half Filipino and half Amazing. She’s the colorful in the group. She likes to wear bright colors found in the rainbow and anything bright colors, including neon yellow, neon green, neon orange and neon pink.

Sophie is the youngest but acts as the mediator and counselor of the group. She likes to cook, drink coffee and anything delicious. She’s a bookworm and when she’s not with her friends, you can find her hibernating in the bed or in the kitchen making brewing something interesting.

And so, #solotraveltogether was born. Whether its on an isolated island or in a luxury resort, or just being here in Male’ and nearby accessible islands, we will definitely enjoy being an OFW. At the same time, we wish to share our tips and guides for the readers about budget traveling and luxury traveling in Maldives. We hope, by our simple project #solotraveltogether, we can manage to go see the world starting here in Maldives.

What is your most memorable #solotraveltogether moment? Share your stories in the comment section and like our fan page for a chance to win a free city guide app and postcards!!! We will pick 5 winners and will send postcards for you and your #solotraveltogether friend. Details at the bottom.

Follow our adventures using the hashtag #solotraveltogether in instagram, facebook and twitter.

Like our fanpage for updates

Giveaway Announcement!

Giveaway No. 1 — I am giving away a free access code for GPS My City is self guided city app to major cities in the world. It is like a built in tour guide straight from your phone. You just have to download the app, add our free access code and you’re all set. Take note! Its only available to Iphone users. 1 winner will be chosen and will get to choose which city they want to download. Plus a postcard from Maldives. wink wink Not an Iphone user? How about giveaway no. 2?

Giveaway No. 2 — I am also sending postcards all the way from Maldives to 5 winners and to their #solotraveltogether friend.

Mechanics: 1. Like our FB Page & Comment in this blog post of your answer to: What is your most memorable #solotraveltogether moment? Announcement of winners will be posted on Feb 1. Join now!


4 thoughts on “New Project: Solo Travel Together in Maldives

  1. hi. Im adam. i’d like to know more about maldives as a solo traveler and im on budget travel. im off there on may 18 – 25. im a filipino aslo. 🙂 id like to know which islands has the best party, cheap dive class, and other things to do in maldives.

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