Teaching for Sunset Yoga



Thank you for coming today to enjoy and relax for a sunset yoga session.

Lets put our hands together.. and and… My mind is fighting between saying “and put ourselves before the presence of God”. No! this is not a Catholic country and Im not here to pray. cricket sounds That was probably the longest 5 seconds of my life. I turn my back and started the sun salutation.

What was that? Was it for real? Last time I check, I only do yoga and maybe invite my friends to join me back in Male apartment together with coworkers, or sometime after every jog in the running track, or with family and friends to accompany me. Back to present, I am standing before a group of individuals — The resort GM, security manager, 2 resort guests, 1 friend, 1 staff and probably about more than 30 audiences just observing and taking pictures.

I got invited to teach yoga for free – an x-deal. I will get a complimentary stay, transfers (speedboat and flights) and full board with anything we want to do for the whole day. So I said yes. I got a little excited for the weekend beach trip but I was more interested in the teaching for the resort even for just 1 session. If I can count how many times I would say “I want to take a yoga teacher training”, I would lose count. Non-certified but I got to teach. wohoo! Come Friday and down to sunset, where all the hours go? So I take the leap of fate and just do my normal routine but this time with a new crowd. Was my voice shaky? was my arms trembling? Was my “kili kili” awkward? Did I perfect my postures? Did I impress the GM? or did the students like it? Too many things in my mind but I was so happy I finish the whole session without passing out. Good job!

…and back to mountain pose… take a breath.. then I faced my then eager students sweating. Thank you for joining my class!

In my awkward face, I asked, Did I gave you a hard time? did you enjoy? One woman in 50’s from Italy come up to me and said, No, no, I enjoyed it. See you again tomorrow afternoon? I pulled back thinking, oh my God! This is it! This is really is it! I answered “Im sorry but I will be leaving tomorrow morning. Im just here for today’s session”. So I guess that’s a positive comment???

It was a funny but fun, exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. Even if I got the chance to get a yoga teacher certification in the future and won’t be teaching yoga professionally but I will always stand before a group of people who wants to learn yoga with me. I may not be the best teacher, probably the most awkward yogi, If you love what you do, you do good.

On the dinner buffet, staffs and guests were all smiling, congratulating and were very welcoming. I see good vibes coming my way in the next few days and weeks. Namaste!


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