Dear Maldives… A Love Letter To My Second Home Country


“How is Maldives? Are you happy living and working in Male? Do you see yourself working for many years if not for longer period of time?”

Its good to hear friends who are concerned and wanted to know my whereabouts about long months of being on the road and as a freelancer. But tell you what, I only come here purely for work to pay my bills but I took more that what I expected. From more than 5 years of working freelance, owning my own time, pace and development of career and the freedom to choose of what is good and what’s not, what fulfills my desire to move forward. But for the long years of this freedom, I came to a conclusion to try and work for a corporate job. Yes, this is my first office job. Pretty awesome right? But before I came here, I have treaded a lot of waters to be able to meet the demands of a corporate world, and in the overseas for that matter.

My love-hate relationship with the country is growing. But more than hate, my love grows even more. It has shown me infinite possibilities of job options, room for career growth and even opening another for the things I love such as Yoga, Travel, writing, beach and even having to get the taste of luxury travel. Much for the opportunity I could gave, I have learned and met quite few people who inspires me to go beyond my limit. To go even I am exhausted of my super hyperactive lifestyle.


Let me tell you my story…

I arrived in the airport one rainy afternoon. Took a ferry to Male against the strong winds and unstable sea. Greeted by and workmate and sent to the apartment. After 1 week, I got really sick fever, colds, fatigue, vomiting, and after few time of taking my checkup and lab test, I was diagnosed with a dengue but still I chose not to be admitted and treated in the hospital. So I opted to rest in my room and nurse my fever til I got better. To my office mates horror, I even went to the office and attended an important meeting since no one will cover my tasks.

Fast forward, 8 months later, Im still sitting in my office chair, working in my office table, typing in my laptop, and trying to figure the system I am currently working on. I would be mad if I could not beat or meet any deadlines. I got many shortcomings and fears that sometimes overflow and made me imbalance. My fears in life is to not meet the expectations of the people around – by my boss who gave/created the job only for me, by my friends who trusted me, by my family who look up to me and by myself to go and chase what I believe in and to those people who told me that I couldn’t do it and proving them wrong.

The past 8 months was a total blur. I could barely remember the exact moments but I could see colleagues and friends helping out each other, looking after me when I was sick, planning for future trips – all wonderful moments. We fight and rekindle. We surpassed each others limits. But we are still here to look after each other and face what’s in store for the new days ahead, even when the future is too vague to plan out.

It was an eventful year last year. This year, is much more fruitful thanks for the country who has more to offer that what meets the eye. I should say, if there are things you cannot control, let the universe splashes its blessings over you and you will be overwhelmed by what is and will be coming for you.


Brewing my next write up – Tips in traveling in the Maldives. I am open for suggestions of topics  you want me to particularly include. Email or PM me? 😉



2 thoughts on “Dear Maldives… A Love Letter To My Second Home Country

    1. Hello ate jam! Indeed! I found something very fulfilling and if by the time i will decide to move to another place, i will always cherish maldives for sure! Ate jam, gikilig ko sa jackos jud omg! 🙂

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